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Seat heater burned hole in seat, path forward?

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I'll get some pics up this evening, cant get that done from work. Cliff notes:

1. Car is a 2006 SRT-8, over 185,000 miles. Probably more than %70 of those with a passenger.

2. I occupied the passenger seat for about 5 hours, while driving with the son yesterday (his familiarization ride around DCs beltway). about hour four, while getting back in, I noticed what looked like a small cigarette burn ( smokers will know the kind) in the seatback, about 6 inches up from the bottom. I made a joke that his Mom, who drives the car 80% of the time these days, needs to be more careful about her crack pipe.

3. Car has never been smoked in. I quit back in 2003 thanks to my SRT-4 :)

4. Trip resumes, I set the back heat on. Not long after, I feel a hot spot in my back. Boy says "You smell something burning, Dad?"Unbuckle, lean forward, see small black hole in the suede, about an inch and a half lower than the first one.

So, early in the investigation, and thinking options. Gonna try and find time to swing by dealership. I'm way out of warranty, but who knows, this is a pretty off the wall failure mode. Seems they should shut down before getting hot enough to burn a hole in the suede. But that's sort of besides the point. Path forward? Find newer seats (what is the newest MY seats that fit?) just replace the heater elements? Anywhere besides Dodge to get those?
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Seems seat covers cost almost as much as seats. I'm also sure I dont want to pay someone hundreds of dollars to put them on. Add covers and upholstery fees, nice used seats seem like a better way to go, once I find a grand in the budget, that is. So, what seats cross? Chally seats? Grand Cherokee? Model years up to what?
Having just that seat heater element replaced along with the suede insert is your cheapest option. Talk to a good auto upholstery shop.
Yeah, but how much do I put into seats that have nine years of wear already?
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