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Seat Cushion Defect?

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The left side bolster on the driver seat is limp. Heh.

Anyway, those of you with SRTs or R&T seats know what I'm referring to. The side bolstering is pretty nice, but the protruding edge of mine on that side seems to be lacking cushion entirely? Kind of hard to see in the picture but look at how much slack there is in the leather. I can push straight into that part about an inch when it should be solid. Recommendations/thoughts? Dealer going to have to replace the whole seat?

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Took it in and got it back today. They took the seat cover off and said the cushion material was pinched into the seat bracket. Pulled the cushion material out and set it as it should be. It has slightly more "give" when pushing on it than the other side bolsters, but it's a lot better than it was. I'm hoping it expands over the next few days and feels and looks 100% right. It doesn't look or feel bad by any means, but it isn't exactly like the others right now... don't know if I should accept that or not.

Also got my trunk decklid aligned properly. The latch was adjusted all the way down but the left side was still too high causing the racetrack tail lamp to be misaligned. Apparently all they had to do was open the trunk and jimmy it around a bit, then adjust the latch to make sure it would shut in the new position.
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