Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, I mainly use Facebook groups for my discussions and such regarding my car. I have a 2012 charger rt with full bolt ons, ported and polished heads; a ported 392 intake; and a comp 274 cam (and drag suspension)

I'm currently running 3.06 gears on the back in back and I'm looking to upgrade to A 3.91 differential. Already have all the other parts from my 3.06. Open to figuring out some sorta trade deal as well if anyone is looking to swap for my 3.06. Alternatively, I can buy it and when I do and swap it, my 3.06 will likely be going for sale assuming I decide to stay with the 3.91.

Next up I'm looking for a holley high ram intake manifold. I have the 392 intake as previously stated that as well would be open to some sorta trade deal or could buy and if I decide to keep the high ram, will be selling my full ported 392 intake kit pre-wired ready to go. It's port matched to ported head ports, and either 90 or 92mm for the hellcat throttle body and adapter plate *plate may come with it if I don't need it for the high ram which i believe I do not, I also might sell the hellcat one with it all together and replace the throttle body with a drive by cable

And lastly I have a 3000rpm FTI ESRT83000 stall converter. It hasn't been installed in my car, I bought it from someone else But I'm receiving it tomorrow in the mail and am now conflicted if it's what I'm wanting to use for my build. Everyone keeps telling me to get a 3600 - 4k. But my car is currently a daily race car. I dont mind it being a wild ass ride but here soon im going to be putting an engine in my 2nd car, a 2011 buick regal (N/A not the turbo) and then my charger will earn the weekend warrior / drag strip car titles. That being said if anyone has any input on converters and has any they'd want to trade or sell me and if anyone wants to buy the 3000 it's for sale.

Eventually my long term goals are to buy a block to build a stroker engine to drop in, and will get a custom grind cam to match. I'll be adding a blower after that as well down the road so I'm aiming for the stars. If anyone has any input on anything I've mentioned I'd love to hear what is being thought when seeing this.

Too long didn't read:
Looking for
a holley high ram intake for sale or trade for 3.92 intake
A 3.91 differential for sale or trade for 3.06
Selling a 3000rpm fti stall converter, or willing to trade that for a 3600-4000 assuming that would match my build better.
And lastly just advice on if this high ram intake is my best bet and if I'm gonna be happy with a 3000rpm fti stall or if I should go higher for now.

Thanks in advance!