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I own a 2006 Daytona, manufactured in May 2006. I live in Germany.

Dealing with the vendor - I purchased and paid for a HyperPac tuner part number 85007 from one of the forum's supporting vendors on June 6th. After hearing nothing from the vendor after nearly three weeks, I sent an E-mail. No answer. Waited another week, then called them on the telephone. Was told the item had been shipped, must have gotten lost. Would send another one. I asked how it was shipped and was told by UPS. Cannot ship anything to an APO address by UPS. I made this clear when I ordered the item. Called again two weeks later, talked with another person - he told me one would be arriving at the vendors shop within a few days and they would ship it out immediately. This was now the middle of July. Item finally arrived here on August 22nd, it was shipped out on August 15th. I sent an E-mail asking why it took so long (nearly one month) for them to finally send it. As expected - no answer to my E-mail.

Dealing with Hypertech - That weekend, I attempted to set up the HyperPac, but could not get it to read the car's computer as it should have. Sent Hypertech an E-Mail, got no answer. A week later I called them. The person on the telephone asked for some additional information such as VIN and a few questions about the plug provided. The person then said he would ship an S/D card in about two weeks to load new info on the HyperPac and then it would work. This was around the end of August. I waited nearly three weeks and then resend my original E-mail to HyperTech and got an immediate answer - my original E-Mail had been answered several weeks ago (doubtful). I then again provided VIN and info about the plug in the vehicle and the connecting plug provided - "Jim" at Hypertech said my vehicle may have the new "CAN" computer which their HyperPac does not support. After consulting with the engineer section at Hypertech, Jim sent the following: QUOTE: "Talked with Engineering on this and have been informed you have a partial CAN computer that we are not able to communicate with. We are working on this, but do not have a release date at this time. It is a day by day deal on when this will be solved. You can wait until we have this solved at which time we will send you the SD card, or you can contact the vendor and request a refund." END OF QUOTE.

No where in their literature on the model 85007 does it state that the HyperPac may not work on certain 2006 Dodge Chargers. Perhaps just a means of obtaining funds to continue their "research".

I just want to inform anyone who plans to buy the HyperPac 85007, make sure your vehicle was manufactured prior to approximately March 2006, otherwise you will have the same problem.

I had a Hypertech Programer on my 1996 Impala and it work perfectly, but this one was sold to me knowing that it might not work. Not a good way to run a business!

Additional info to follow as necessary.

Bonn, Germany
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