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I have a 2022 Dodge Charger R/T in White Knuckle. I had it detailed, drove it home, parked it, and out a cover on it because it was 105° outside and I've been trying to prevent sun damage. My guess is it's brake does as it's primarily behind the wheel wells, but I have these rust spots that will not come off for anything.

I tried to scrub it hard with a clay bar and chemical guys lubricant. I took it to the detailer and he tried Iron X with some big and tar remover as well as tried buffing it out. It won't budge. You can't feel it at all it's like it's part of the paint. Can't believe this has happened to my brand new car so I'm desperate for answers. If anyone has experienced this I would appreciate any advice. I legit scratched a piece of my clear coat with my fingernail seeing if it would come off 😞 Nothing
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