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I got this today from Devin, one of our 3.6L Challenger customers and thought there would be some interest in it so I am posting it here.
The words in the () are added by me for a little better flow. Other than that, it is all his words:

(I know) my Aces IV is en route and (so) I'm running (the car) in this video without it, I think you can appreciate it.

My car has Blastin' Bob's resonator delete pipes on factory exhaust, SRT8 3.06 geared diff/axles/hubs/driveshaft, Tranzformer shift kit, removed the airbox silencer and drilled holes on the bottom of the air intake box, Diablosport Trinity on 93 octane canned tune, and of course your full fluids- trans, diff, engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid.

I don't even have a cold air intake on the thing and managed to run a new R/T time last night making 3-4 0-60 passes. Tonight I made a few 1/4 mile passes after raising my curiosity about a 5.46 0-60 vs my consistent 6.50+'s at the track when I ran a 14.778, and the Trinity had me running consistent low 14's. I made 3 passes, spun bad and ran a 14.3, spun a bit and ran a 14.13 @101.5 MPH, and launched real low about 1800 and ran a 14.00 @100 MPH.

The Trinity has always been within a few tenths or less of any track times when I've ran it, so I believe it to be accurate. With a sticky track, or the old Dr. Pepper bleach box for the street, I think I could break into the 13's with my setup- and stock 3.6.

The supercharger will be finished this weekend and shipped next week. Piping and methanol are on their way, and I'll be set besides my next issue- hooking it up......Enjoy"

We are working on the ACES IV-A for his methanol injection and different fluids when he gets the supercharger on it. Should be a real rocket!:rocker:

BND Automotive LLC:driving:
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