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Rims and tire question

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I just bought a set of new rims for my charger and I have a few questions hopefully you guys can answer for me. I probably should have asked these before buying them but too late now. Ok I have a 2010 charger sxt rally edition. Factory tires are 225/60/18, I bought a set of American Muscle 18" rims that are 10" in the back as 9" in the front with a decent offset, don't know the exact. They have Sumitomo 285/35/18 on the rear and 275/35/18 on the front, with a max load at 1521 and 1604 on the tires. I know these will throw my speedo off, I've planned for that I want to know if the tires can handle the weight of the car and if I'm going to have any rubbing or brake problems? I did put the front rim on the car and it seemed to roll and turn fine but had very little space between the inner rim and the caliper. Please let me know what you know. Also what would be the smallest width tire I could put on these re if I have to buy new tires?

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no, most 225/60R18's are only rated for a 6-8" rim width. tire manufacturers usually give a range of rim widths their tire sizes will fit. many shops won't put a tire on a rim outside the manufacturer's recommendations....

you've kinda screwed yourself with the 10" rims....they're really too wide for 255/55R18's, which is the size I'd recommend (most are rated for 7.5-9" rims). you could go to a 275/45....they'll be slightly short (27.7" tall), but bigger issue is that size is limited in availability and very expensive. cheapest one on tire rack is $204 ea.

the 275/35R18's are less than 26" tall and will look very out of place on the car.....
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