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I know it not a Charger but I figured it's a SRT8!!

Last night was the last Friday night for Richmond for the year. 300 cars showed up man was it packed!!

On to the the good news I was there right when the track opened!! My best had been a [email protected] with a 2.1 60'. Right off the interstate the car went a [email protected] Granted this was only the 5th time I've been down the track this year with my 300 and still hadn't got the launch down. Here how the times went.

[email protected] 2.21 60' off the interstate 6:27pm
[email protected] 2.19 60' hot lapped the car 6:37pm
[email protected] 2.3 60' spun way to much and let out 7:56pm
[email protected] 1.99 60' new best 8:53pm
[email protected] 1.98 60' dam thats still fast!! 10:06

The launch was everything with this car after tryinging several ways I finally got what work best for my car. I launch with the esp button pushed once not held down all the 13.0 's Ive ran I disable the the esp completly. When have to wait till next year for anything better but I was pleased with the out come. Here are some other et and cars!!

2006 SRT8 MAG [email protected]+ CAI/DIABLO
2007 SRT8 JEEP [email protected]+ CAI
2006 SRT8 JEEP [email protected]+ STOCK
2006 SRT8 MAG [email protected]+ DRAG RADIALS
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