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Results of the Air conditioner FIX......

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I have seen posts in numerous places, regarding the 20 or so seconds of Heat that come from the vents after turning on the A/C.

- I know that someone posted helpful info on this before - But it seems that to date, some folks are still not aware that there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the A/C control module. Also, someone on this forum once noted that some of the Chargers are coming off the assy. line with a low A/C charge.

Last week, I had the TSB (A/C module) issue fixed - the dealer replaced the in dash control module (the module with the Heat and A/C knobs). Also, The dealer checked the A/C charge and noted that it was low - they then charged it to Spec (they noted that they've seen the low charge issue on the Magnum's, 300's and the Chargers).

Anyhow, after the 2 fixes noted above - I notice that I do not get the 20 seconds of hot air (it's now more like a 1 second delay). I also notice that the A/C air temperature is much cooler (even when not on Re-circ). I also noticed that the volume of air and speed, coming from the vents, has increased. - Now, I think the A/C is great.

- Has anyone else had both or either of the 2 fixes performed - if so, what have you noticed.

- For those that have not had the "Fixes" performed, I would recommend getting it done.

Brian T.
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I had seen a note about the Tech Service Bulletin, in another thread. I'm not sure where to get them. I just went to the dealer and told the Service Manager - he knew about the A/C module bulletin. As far as the "Low" A/C charge (coming off of the assembly line), I saw that posted in another thread - I don't think there was a Bulletin about that one.

Next time I am at the Dealer, I will ask the service Manager if there is a way for the car owners to view the (TSB) Technical Service Bulletins.

Brian T.
4DRHTRD said:
If someone could find and post the TSB's in question that would be great, my rental car is a Charger and the lack of AC and the hot air blast is killing me.
I'll make Enterprise fix one then give me it once it's done.
- I am curious - you noted you had a rental Charger - Do you have plans to buy one ?
- I've read that the Rental Chargers have the 2.7L 190hp engine - and no engine size "badging". Does your Rental have the 2.7L ? - Is it a "dog" when it comes to acceleration ?
- I was just curious - I bought the Charger "SE" (3.5L 250hp) which is "fast enough" for me at this point - I wonder what the 2.7L feels like.

Brian T.
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