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Results of the Air conditioner FIX......

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I have seen posts in numerous places, regarding the 20 or so seconds of Heat that come from the vents after turning on the A/C.

- I know that someone posted helpful info on this before - But it seems that to date, some folks are still not aware that there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the A/C control module. Also, someone on this forum once noted that some of the Chargers are coming off the assy. line with a low A/C charge.

Last week, I had the TSB (A/C module) issue fixed - the dealer replaced the in dash control module (the module with the Heat and A/C knobs). Also, The dealer checked the A/C charge and noted that it was low - they then charged it to Spec (they noted that they've seen the low charge issue on the Magnum's, 300's and the Chargers).

Anyhow, after the 2 fixes noted above - I notice that I do not get the 20 seconds of hot air (it's now more like a 1 second delay). I also notice that the A/C air temperature is much cooler (even when not on Re-circ). I also noticed that the volume of air and speed, coming from the vents, has increased. - Now, I think the A/C is great.

- Has anyone else had both or either of the 2 fixes performed - if so, what have you noticed.

- For those that have not had the "Fixes" performed, I would recommend getting it done.

Brian T.
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If someone could find and post the TSB's in question that would be great, my rental car is a Charger and the lack of AC and the hot air blast is killing me.
I'll make Enterprise fix one then give me it once it's done.
The rental has the base engine and it SUCKS. It's the slowest thing I've driven in quite a while. I have plans to buy either a Charger SRT8 or a Magnum SRT8 - depends on wife's final decision. :)
My Excursion got T-boned last week - $15K in damage so I thought I'd try out a Charger for fit but no SXT to rent, trading Charger for Magnum this week to see if I like the Magnum better.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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