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Regular oil VS Synthetic

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What are your thoughts on using synthetic oil for the R/T.This engine does seem to run hot
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After I get the engine broken-in, I plan to switch to Mobil 1, and then do oil changes every 5000 miles.

I've done this on my last 4 vehciles, and they stay slug free, and run great.

When I bought my '98 Durango, the service manager at my dealer recommended to put about 6000 miles on it before changing over. This would insure that everything has seated. So that's what I did.
I think the only way to get it is mail order.

I can't remember seeing it in a store.

I'm usually in a rush to get things done, so I usually get up early on a Saturday, and go to, (beleive it or not...) Wal-Mart. They do a synthetic oil change for about $38 on my Durango, and they will use any synthetic oil they sell in the store.

I can imagine the cost will go up sense the Hemi uses 7 quarts instead of 5.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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