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Have you ever been given special treatment because of your Charger, or really any other car your drove?

I went to my local casino today, and I was pulling into this lot which was empty, so I started to pull into it when a guard a stopped me, and told me that I must have a "Diamond Card" to park here (I only have Gold). As I was looking for my card (forgot which I had) he said "This is a really nice car man, I mean, really nice..", I showed him I only have a Gold card, and he said, "Don't worry about it, would not want this car to get dinged...park here".....oh boy..

When I had my 2002 Jaguar X-Type, I pulled off to exit a freeway, and there were State Troopers checking for registrations & stuff....I did not have my insurance card with me, and the cop said "Don't worry, this is a Jaguar, I am sure you have insurance..have a nice day"...Viola! That saved me a trip to court!

- Mark
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