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first forgive my spelling i have add,
i seen dodge had lot recalls on lot diffrent things, on my car recall was computer would reset causeing cruse control lock
air bag,
and well alt
and huge number of other recalls, but dodge is fixing what is being broken they not fixing the reason they being broken
i talk to 15 train people each agree that alt was never a probem but something elese is
batterys blowing up,
and i go on and on, now i know and i understand why, but i have no wish to give what would effeck all the cars, and will effeck all cars even most newst ones will
at some point time have probems, now u can do what best for all people that is pay me for what i know or pay 100s of billions

my mind see patterns all things over time it can work out said pattern, and give me a fix becuase this information is not what i think but what my mind takes in
from everything, something simple as light flashing, something simple as some one changeing how they acking, at some point time my mind can understand and can work it out, in fack i working on this probem in my car, guss what i found, simple fix would not cost u all much at all well it i right, this probem will cuase the computer reset and keep causeing probems,
and u program it all out system but u never discover what this is unless u deal with me bring your engearners and lawyer, and u pay for me to have one we not want anything be miss
u be told what probem is how fix it, rest is up to u all but i would tell u now all new cars will have same probem in fack knowing this if i had new car i most def make few changes so this probem dose not become bigger deal then it allready is
1 - 4 of 4 Posts