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This topic is for those of us who have performed the conversion from the REC to RER and for those who are planning to do one (sorry if this has been already posted, Search didnt yield any results).


My conversion was from REC to RER with a lockpick V2 adapter with multimedia harness, SAT extension cable, TERK splitter and a separate U-connect mic

A few issues after the install that i see, wonder if anyone else had this.

1. The uconnect status on EVIC - blinks from "no phone" to "phone connected". Doesn't matter if there is a bluetooth connection established or not, it just blinks. However the phone calls can still be made through mygig. Any issues with that?

2. The TERK splitter EVIC fix - didnt work for me. I used the XM-SP not the SIR-SP version, as the latter one is discontinued, the XM unit is identical (i called TERK), just the connectors are slightly different. Can still be used though. However, EVIC still gets no sat radio station info, everything else for the Sat radio playback works fine. In the thread pic on lxforums, in step 4 of the write up, the White connector is in place (output to Old Sat receiver) and the Blue one became the "Input of roof sat antena"? Am i correct?

3. Radio (Sat and FM?) preset stations get reset at some point. Now this one is tricky. I am not sure what causes it, didnt have enough time to play with it. But may be somehow related to the DVD movie playback? I read somewhere that this happens with you connect the iPod interface, but not about mygig...

Anyone had these issues?

Also, I definitely needed a second Sat cable. With just one you cant route it out of sight along the floor carpet and panels - right now the wire is stretched across the rear passenger floor, under the drivers seat, in to the dash. So if you're doing this you may want to get two sat extension cables.
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