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long story short.. about 6 months ago brought my dodge charger to a friend of a friend at a dodge dealership and showed him my factory navigation wasn't working... he said its the disc, so he sold me a brand NEW dodge (AH) Disc, worked great, starting a week ago my navigation stopped working, brought it back to him and he told me the disc was outdated..(6 months later?) so i believed him and bought the new Disc (AJ) i put it in and the navigation still doesnt work, he then said sorry your navigation is broken not the disc, and i cant return electrical parts.... so he screwed me.... needless to say i have 2 disc for sale

Used (6 months) but works perfect- AH version- $100 obo
Brand New (1 day) - AJ version- $200 obo i literally stuck the disc in and it didnt work and i took it back out and put it back in the case...i paid $279 + Tax !!!!!

Shoot me and offer im stuck with these discs with no use for them.... im 100% postive they both work perfectly, money back guarantee.

Call me at 954-445-5813 i dont check this website much so it would be best to call or text me, but i will try to respond to private messages and posts


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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