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Please skip to the red stars for the meat of the issue!
I have come here for all my answers. I am a 45 yr old woman I got my 2006, Richard, 4 years ago from a tow yard. He started out a cop car and his last owner was a drug dealer. Hes been and done everything now he is my love. The forum helped me save him 1 yr ago when everyone said I had blown a head gasket and I knew that was wrong. The Firestone did a coolant flush and didn't take the timing cover off to bleed the air. I figured it out with the knowledge posted here on how to properly bleed the air after a coolant flush, along with my own observations. 3 mechanics didn't listen to me I finally got the 3rd to do the coolant flush and air bleed 1 more time, the correct way, with me standing over him. When the water wasn't bubbling in the resevoir after 3 weeks of bs I threw up. I use my car to support myself and my daughter. Everyday he was down I was losing that ability. Charger forums is the greatest! Thanks to all who input there years of experiance and knowledge here. Some imparting wisdom that spans generations. Your awesome!

I just got done diagnosing and replacing my fuel pump. ( because mechanics are as important as my doctor and I can't find a good one.) When the most terrible thing happened, We were rear-ended by a 20 year old girl at a dead stop she was doing over 45 in a 25. I seen it coming in the rear view but all I could do was stear us away from oncoming traffic as we were thrown 4 blocks down the street. When I got out to call 911 the dispatcher asked if the other driver was OK, what kind of car she was driving, she was so far away from where we landed I couldn't even see what color her car was. But Richard was still running.
My 2006 is a tank. My daughter was uninjured in the backseat, the other driver was ok too. When I got around the back of my car I wanted to commit a felony. Heat rose up in me when i seen the damage. Then I turned to see the other driver coming towards me just a girl not much older than my daughter and I cooled. Accident that is, what it is. My daughter on thd other hand, she was pissed after seeing the damage. But we all were ok...except for Richard. We drove home. The other driver did not. Richard ran fine uptill a week ago. When i had a no start that looked like a drained battery, I have a brand new one), then all the lights on the dash flashed. He was also stuck in park. I have one battery cable that is loose and I believe it has slipped. Also the headlights, one on each side, stopped working so I believe some fuses were broken during the wreck.
***Trouble is this.....the accident folded part of the trunk body over the battery and fuse compartment so I can't get the door open to check. Wtf. all this while trying to move and losing my job due to my criminal history 8 years ago. I am in recovery 6 years now but some don't think thats possible. How in the heck do I get at the battery? Everyday counts i got to get back to work! Everything depends on Richard! View attachment 309480
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The panel thay covers the batter will actually come all the way out. If your rear seats fold down, just fold them down and pick up on the front of that panel (it should only be velcro flaps holding it down). If your seats don't fold down, just reach from the back to the front of it and pick it up that way.
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