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Ramrod's quest to Build a HUGE BASS Heavy Trunk Set up, but kept light weight...

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Ramrod's quest to Build a HUGE BASS Heavy Trunk Set up

I have been collecting parts for some time on this build and I couldn't have done it without the help from these Companies and many of the forum members here..

Huge thanks goes out to Odyssey Batteries, XS Power, Mechman Alternators, American Bass, Toolmaker Metalworkz and of course CSCStang for a Custom box.

Parts List as of now...It may grow :thumbsup:
CSCStang - Custom Box
Mechman Alternator - 240a
American Bass 4480.1D Amp 2200 @ 1Ohm
American Bass XR-12 1200w RMS
Odyssey PC1350-A for Main Battery
XS Power XP750-CK for 2nd Battery
Toolmaker Metalworks - to me announced.....

My goal here was to really improve the Bass and not get to carried away with over all weight. Reasons why I went with a Single Sub set-up, Smaller sized Amp, Birch wood and a smaller lighter weight 2nd Battery.

Now as I post pictures and start this build. I will need some help and have some questions. I'm sure of it. I will also be giving my opinion and reviews on products as I go.

I noticed with my old set up. Just a single Memphis PR 10inch. That a lot of my bass was lost before it made it into the Cabin. So To fixed this issue. I'm moving up from a 500w set up to a 1500w-ish set up. I'm also running a 6 inch port through the rear deck. The sub will be firing off the side of the trunk just behind the seats. The port once it is through the rear deck is about 1in away from the back glass(at its closet point) I'm hoping the combination of all this will dramatically improve my Bass.

Also with my last set up. Just that 500.1 Prime Amp pulled enough to Dim my lights and slow my idle at hard bass hits. So to help fix this b/c it was already a problem and I knew it would just get worse. I'm jumping up from a stock 140a Alternator to the Mechman 240a which as an idle output higher then my stock could put out at max. I'm also switching out my Stock Lead Acid battery for a Big AGM from Odyssey and a 2nd Battery from XS Power. I will be also adding a BIG 3 kit. My car already has a 0g from Alt. to Battery. So I will be adding 0g for my grounds and a 0g from Alt. to Starter.

That's were I'm at now... If you see anything I need to address. Let me know...
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This is great! Subscribed!

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Thoroughly enjoying this thread!

2014 phantom black rt max
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