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While I'm very happy with the interior of my car, I'm also an electronics guy. I've got my iPhone and my iPad, and on long cruises I load up playlists, and use social driving tools like Waze and weather monitoring tools such as Intellicast HD. I've even done streams of my trips! The problem is, the police package doesn't even have cupholders. My stuff is sitting on the passenger seat, or in a McDonalds drink holder.

Wanting to get some mounting gear for my electronics, I settled on Ram-Mounts. I decided to get an iPad Mount, a universal floor mount with gooseneck, and a universal X-Grip for my iPhone, with a bridging arm to connect it to the ipad plate.

I ordered my kit from and their customer service and guidance not to mention prices were excellent.

Parts ordered were:

RAM Mount RAM-B-316-1-202U RAM POD1 Vehicle Floor Mount with 1.0 inch Socket and Round Plate - $36.95

RAM Mount RAM-HOL-AP8DU Plastic Apple iPad Dock Mount Cradle with Uni-Conn - $32.95

RAM Mount RAM-B-138-UN7 Universal X-Grip Cradle on Aluminum Screw Down Plate Mount - $41.95

Total for parts was $111.85, Shipping was $7.25

You will need an extra iPod Dock cable if you get the docking mount, as it doesn't come with it's own.

I ordered ground shipping, and a few days later, the box arrived.

Contents from Ram-Mount and GPS City.

Everything was packed in a nice little baggie.

The back of the iPad Mount. Note the secondary mount point in the upper right. This is where we'll be attaching the arm for the iPhone mount.

I've gone ahead and attached the small extension arm and Universal X-Mount to the iPad Mount.

I'm preparing to install the donor iPod cable to to the dock mount. You thread the usb cable through the metal plate first, then screw it to the mount. The pressure holds the connector tight. If your iPod cable has squeeze buttons, you can use one of the included mini-cable ties to permanently squeeze the buttons before installation.

Here's what it looks like with the iPod cable installed, ready to go.

Great, iPad holder prep done, now I just have to find a mounting point in the Charger for the kit.

After some experimentation I decided to go for the front left passenger seat track bolt. I could have mounted it on the inside of the track, but the seat would hit the mount eventually when you tried to pull the seat forward.

Here's what I did instead:

I installed the mount below the seat bolt and angled slightly toward the center console hump, so that there is just enough clearance that the seat can move past.
Note: I had to take the whole seat out because retaining bolts for the tracks are not accessible otherwise! Be careful about cables plugged into the seats when you remove them!

Here is a larger view for context.

The metal rod is about 18 Inches long, and you need to make sure you really tighten the base. It's hard, but not impossible to bend it to the shapes you need, but of course they recommend a vice or pipe bender. I didn't have too much trouble with my hands.

I installed the base mount for the iPad holder on the other end of the pipe once mounted to the floor, and the end result was this:

I'm very happy with how it looks, and while there is a small amount of rocking while moving, the mount is very solid, and having my iPad and iPhone close to me and not flying around the car is a plus. It even restores a little "business" to my police package ;)

If you're looking for mounting options for your gear, so far I'm pleased with Ram-Mounts.
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