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radio station changing randomly

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I noticed yesterday that my radio stations are changing randomly. Anyone ever experience this ? it would go down one or two clicks from the station it is on.
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Only when my 10 year old daughter sits in the passenger seat and I'm not watching her while I'm driving...

hehe, my two little ones are stil confined to car seats in the back :laugh2:
Do you have steering wheel controls? My wife's '14 JGC does that every now and then, usually right after you change the station with the steering wheel controls. It's almost like the button sticks a half second or so after you release it. It doesn't happen often enough to make me want to take it in yet, but it might be worth a visit to the dealer before the warranty expires.
I do have those controls, will have to see if there is any stickieness to it.
Yes, I've experienced this. The dealer will do an update on the software.

I actually did an update to my radio software to the one that was realease in september but I'll go to the dealer and see what they say.
I could have explained that better. It only behaves like it's sticking. I'll click up one channel, and it will step one or two more after my hand is off the switch. I can't feel anything sticking physically in the switch. If it is software, you can check here to see if there's an update:

It's currently showing one for the wife's Jeep, and it looks like they've finally relented and let you download it yourself. Maybe there's one for the Charger as well. Put it on a USB stick, stick it in the car, and it should figure out what it needs to do from there.

EDIT: Just read your second response. The software date for the Jeep is Oct 2014; if Uconnect doesn't vary between models, there may be a new one for you too.
thanks looks like there is nothing newer for my car. bummer!
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