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Radiator fans finally gave up the ghost

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Figured after all the trouble some of the earlier 300s, maggies and chargers had with the assembly, I can now post I made it to 166k miles on my Daytona before the assembly gave me the "double rods" :D

$92 2nd day shipped through amazon is my fix :smile2:
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When mine failed, there were no warning signs or sounds.

I started my car in the parking lot on a hot day and headed home. Once the engine reached operating temp in traffic I heard a loud *BANG* and suddenly I had no cooling fans.

The fan blades had broken and I was lucky that they didn't perforate the radiator like has happened to others when they broke. I was able to limp home without overheating and got them replaced the next day.

I wouldn't wait to get them replaced if you still have the original ones on your car. It might cost you more than just the fans. ;)
I still am on my original fan. 06 with 55k miles garaged day and night throughout its life. Not sure that has anything to do with it.

What parts should I replace as preventative maintenance on the fan?
It's the blades themselves that need to be replaced. They sell a kit that comes with the new fan blades and nuts to install them.

The other option is to replace the entire cooling fan assembly that includes the fans and motors in the full housing like the OP did. It's a bit more money for the parts but a bit less total labor.
The Amazon one is fine. With free shipping, it's the same total price as found from other vendors like Rock Auto and CarID for the same TYC assembly.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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