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Just saw this in today's paper. Its this Saturday, Oct 6, from 2p-6p at the Zelienople Airport near Cranberry.

Anybody interested in going to this ?

The Flashlight Drags ™
“ Street Racing without the Jail Time”

The 2007 season is coming to an Airport near you!
• Zelienople Municipal Airport
• Clarion County Airport
• Ebensburg Municipal Airport
• Waynesburg, Greene County Airport

The Flashlight Drags are designed specifically for “Street Racers”, all types of street legal vehicles; Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles*.
We still offer Old-Fashioned Drag Racing, the way it used to be... Heads up!

More Race Weekends added for 2007!

The format is simple! It costs $25 to race $5 to come out and watch. Kids under 12 are free. Bring some friends. You can race your buddies in 1/8 mile grudge matches, or you can take your chances and run against the field. Newcomers can relax. We’ll help you find a race partner and get you into the flow of the event. You’ll have a blast!

All vehicles must be street legal, and that means real mufflers! In the event that your vehicle makes too much noise, even though you have mufflers, we will ask you to find a way to quiet your pipes or sit on the sidelines. Sorry, no exceptions.

Simple Rules

These events are intended for street-cars and trucks only

Mufflers - Required
DOT Tires – Required (No slicks)
Current State Registration - Required
Proof of Insurance - Required
Valid Drivers License - Required
No Passengers
Saftey Belts must be worn
Convertibles - tops up or bring a helmet
Vehicles must be driven in - No Trailers
Burn outs in designated areas only
Driver must wear wristband on left wrist
Altered Gas Performance Events waiver must be signed
Drivers must attend the drivers’ meeting prior to the start of each event

* No Motorcycles at Zelienople

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Yeah, they have those all summer long - I believe this is the last one.

I don't go because I have no interest in 1/8th mile runs with no times for more money than it costs to go to PRP and get slips, but there a lot of people that go.

If you want to go to PRP sometime, let me know. I think they are starting "Test N Tune" back up on October 20th and I'd like to go one or two more times this year.

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Thanks for the update. I have never been there and didn't realize it wasn't timed or slippled.

PRP sounds like a good idea. Just wish it was closer for me, probably take me about hour and half to get there.

Zeli was only about 30-40 minute drive.
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