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I put in a Corsa system about a month ago and it is awsome.

I did use one trick to remove the suitcase from the cat pipes.
I saw it on a TV show once or read it some where.
I used 2 ratchet straps, and it worked awsome.
I tried hitting it a few times and it wouldn't move.
I used one strap on the cat pipes to hold them foward, pretty much went from the trans brace over both pipes then back to the trans brace and snugged it up.
Then for the other strap, I went from the back diff support(or what ever was back there) and placing the strap between the X pipe, back to the diff support.
A couple of clicks it came right off.
It might save a bunch of time trying to get the suitcase off. My car had 25K on it.
Man I would have done this!!! Maybe next time when I get my next SRT8!!!! Thanks for the TIP!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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