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Question Regarding Dogging A Car

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Question Regarding Dogging A Car - While Taking A Kill

For all the racing types out there, could you post a message to the not so into racing, but into speed types that gives us an indication of what 'dogging' a car is? In other words, I hear people say things like 'oh he dogs that car'... Well my R/T is broke in and moves fast, I love it, its at 2400 miles. Now each time I drive it without the wife its not uncommon for me to get on it, and move around someone between lights, or on a fairly straight road. Today I had a late model Monte Carlo SS with # 3 all over it, and odd pipes coming out the side sitting in front of me. He was making a left turn and I pulled in behind him, however when he seen me he gunned it to ensure he was in front. I just chuckled a bit... I stayed with him through about 6 lights of traffic, when the road opened up in front of him he nailed it, so did I, it took me about 2 seconds to get to his side and about another second to be in front, I rocked him easily... However, I know (or at least think) he has a high end V6 with mods. Anyway... I looked down and the RPMS were at 5500 in no time, the car shifted down to about 4000 then moved right back up... Had to stop for the next light... That was it, I ended up 300-400 yards ahead of him before I backed off and turned at the light.

Was this dogging the engine??? Am I hurting this HEMI by occasionally nailing it at 2400 miles? I can't seem to keep my foot out of the gas...

I am afraid of a ticket and feel it is near... lol!

Any input for us speedy but not racing types would help....
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good for the car, but not good for your lic.! I do the same type of things when my wife isn't in the car and found my right foot very heavy after i stopped at a red light...make a long story short i was pulled over for 65 in a 45.... lucky me the police officer was very cool and let me off with a warning! I told the truth...I don't realize how easy it is to get to high speeds so quickly!

have fun "dogging" the car...i am young Dutch and haven't heard of that term either. :happy:
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