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Question on deposits and refunds

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Here's a question - what happens if you put a deposit down on a Daytona, but another dealer closer to you get's theirs in beforehand, how do you get your deposit back or can you?

I just bought a Durango Limited for my wife last night and in my quest to find a Daytona, actually put a deposit down at a different dealership than the one we would normally go to. I've bought 4 vehicles through this dealership and have been extremely happy with the experience everytime, however, they were not due to get Daytona's (3) for at least 8-12 weeks. The dealership I found is about an hour south and they faxed me the car's build sheet, VON & VIN and it is out of build and in JS status. Supposidly my local dealership's are still in build so they likely will be about 12 weeks. Short of getting some VIN numbers or VON numbers from them to actually call and get status, I don't know the facts on theirs. They did say because of our order history, that if they got in Daytona's before the dealer that I have the deposit at, they will 'rebate' me the $1000 deposit in order to keep me as a customer. Sounds good, but still the issue of getting my deposit back. I did not have the car "ordered" for me, it was already on order for the dealership and I just put the deposit down to 'hold' it for me, no paperwork showing a 'committment' or 'non-refundable' deposit indicated.

So wondering where I stand? Personally I do not care which dealership I get it from and my local dealer said if I get it from the other dealership before they get theirs in, by all means bring it by so everyone can check it out and I can have it serviced there even though I didn't buy it there, course like I said, I have purchased 4 vehicles there now, excluding the Daytona.

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this is the 2nd vehicle I have ordered... personally... I would not put down a deposit that was not refunable... and I would never put down more then $500 as a deposit..

When I ordered my Daytona through Dave Smith in Idaho, I did $500 refundable.... with my current orders, I have signed paperwork also stating that my deposit is refundable, and the 2 orders I have, or ordered with the same $500, I did not have to put down another $500 for order #2....
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