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question about esp

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Hello all new to the forum. I just bought a 2006 hemi r/t with a procharger on it. and custom corso exhaust. the rock runs and drives great. my question is I wonder why i cant do a burn out the car flies chirps the tires in every gear but doesn't melt the tires off. im sure its traction control is it adjustable? and is it off or on when the light on the dash with the car and the squiggly line is lite up?
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Your car doesn't have a "full off" selection for the ESC, only partially off. Even with the ESC light on and Mr. Squiggles light on, it's not fully disabled.

You can turn it fully off with a key trick, using a tuner or by installing a switch to disable it.

Key Trick...

No-ESP mod...
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