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I have an Orion 8002 amp and bandpass box with 2 X Rockford HE2 12in subs for sale (with/in ported windowed enclosure). I used this for the past few years in my jeep and they are awesome, I just dont need them in my charger.

This stuff is a few years old but in perfect working order and only has minor cosmetic blemishes. It is also matched (RMS) for optimal sound and minimal distortion, and anyone who knows Orion amps, knows that they are awesome. Putting out FULL amperage all the time, no spikes or harmonic rez like cheap amps. :rock: I have personaly seen these push some serious wattage without fault, they are tested to be stable to MUCH lower than the listing.


Manual 8002 Owners Manual(2004) 47435.pdf


They do fit nice in a charger trunk, dont they :)

Im looking to get 450-500 for the whole setup (amp alone used to retail for 800-1000 bucks, speakers were 250 each), but ill accept a resonable offer, they are just kicking around my apartment at the moment.

I promise this will blow any bargain system from "car audo world" / "large electronics store" out of the water.

If anyone in the PNW is interested please PM me or send email to [email protected]
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