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Put ACES IV before filling gas tank or after?

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Is there a de facto standard on how to fill the ACES IV in the gas tank?

Last time I did it ACES IV first, then filled up. Seemed like the car picked up on this right away.

This time, I filled up first (completely) and then filled the ACES IV. This time the car seemed to lose pep right away, pulling out of the gas station and driving home. How's that possible...does the computer pick up on the gas octane/quality that quickly?

I use the same Chevron gas station I always use. Also, I'm on my 3rd treatment. First treatment didn't seem that much different (added ACES IV after gas fillup), the 2nd treatment I added CAI, exhaust and Johan tune (he was informed of ACES IV). Car felt really powerful.
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Next time I'll try adding the aces first and then fill up to see if that makes a difference. Should have mixed in by now, might do some spirited driving on the way home and maybe some datalogging tonight.
Well my car feels powerful again lol.

When I filled up this time, I didn't put the ACES IV in until I got home, and then it seemed to take a day to get the full effect.

I am still surprised the computer was able to react that quickly to a fresh tank of gas without the ACES IV. Even more surprising is that it was with Chevron, which is supposed to be one of the higher quality gases.
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