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Protection Group?

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I'm going to order my daytona soon and when i built it online a option for the Protection Group was there. They don't say what it is.

Anyone know?
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the protection group Includes Air Filtration System & F&R Head Curtain & Side Impact Air Bag Restraint System.
nd4spd 4 a srt8 said:
OK thanks daytona.
I got that from

if you have any questions bring the charger up over there, as it will describe the option packages and what can be combined with what better then building it on

also will not allow you to select the Nav with sound group II even though i you select the sound group, the Nav price drops accordingly... but can't select both options....
MurrayDodgeSales said:
Protection group also includes self sealing tires,..........
dont believe this holds true on the Daytona, but could be wrong....
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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