I have a brand new Cam set up I have been sitting on, and it is now for sale for some one whos going to do better with it then I am

for a bargain.

im asking 900.00 shipped to anywhere in the US for the package, OR BEST OFFER

this was originally for my 6.1 HEMI I had stroked to a 426, but I have decided to go a different path.

this is a versatile camshaft that will handle boost nitrous and naturally aspirated applications.

and yes if you are looking for some nice sound and lope for your car, this is the package for you.

spec sheet posted below

what you will get for 900.00 $
Brand new heavy duty Mopar lifters -retail at 500$
Manley Pushrods - retail at 200.00$
Comp Cam -retail at 550.00$

Thanks for looking.