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As I said in another post, me and a few guys just opened a restaurant here so the extra money flow prompted me to spend the extra few bucks for a Trinity. I can tell you first hand that unless you're one that races a lot, dont waste your money.

Anyway, I was under the impression that you could improve your throttle response with the predator? I say predator because i also udnerstand that the trinity is supposed to be a predator with a new face on it. I dont see anything in the menus that reference throttle response, is this handled within the canned tunes or something?

Also, I installed the "increased shift firmness" and did the "disable ESP" steps. The tool confirms that they have been done, however... I cant tell a different in the shifting and the ESP is still at 100% functionality :(.

Am I missing something here? Is the shift firmness that subtle?
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