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We received this info from DiabloSport this morning -

From the company President:
Here is what many of you have been asking for.

DiabloSport is happy to announce we are about ready to put everything
into production.
You asked for it and you got it.. which is somewhat the cause of some of
the delays.

You wanted your LX HEMI got it.
2005-2007 5.7, 6.1 SRT8's, red ones, silver ones, even Plum Crazy purple
ones. We even put int the SRT8 Jeep too.

You wanted more power.. you got it.
+20 RWHP increase on avg with a few simple key presses.

You wanted the ability to modify your B&G tuned PCM... you got it.
Read it in and tweak it how you or B&G wants.

You wanted Custom Tuning ability... you got it.
Beyond the built-in DiabloSport tunes, you can have up to 5 custom tunes
at your fingertips. Custom tunes are available from any of our network
of CMR Custom Tuning dealers who have our DCX tuning package.

You wanted adjustable parameters.. you got it.
Adjust your fuel, spark, idle, cooling fans, ESP, Torque Management,
more.. all up to you.

You wanted TCM support.. you got it.
Paddle Hold, Paddle Auto-Kick, Raised Shift points, Reset TCM Adaptives
are just a few.. most adjustable ON-THE-FLY!

You wanted a fast handheld.. you got it.
Reprograms the vehicle in 30-45 seconds.. some with only a single
ignition key cycle.

You wanted datalogging.. you got it.
Log parameters internally or stream them to a PC and view with our free
DAT Viewer software.

All DiabloSport LX HEMI Predators are Engineered to Raise Hell and are
also internet updateable and as we add new features, you get them for free.

Production usually takes 1-2 weeks and we expect to be shipping around
the middle of September barring any unforseen obstacles.
Also due to some vehicle dynamics with the DR HEMI trucks, they will not
be included in this release.
So it's almost time!


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Wow, it sounds like the LX community is getting what they asked for and then some!

It sure seems like the wait was worth it. :)

Good on Diablo for being awesome

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BOOYAH! I saw this post on the diablo website forum this morning too.

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Do you think the ability to adjust torque management will make the 20RWHP gain feel like MUCH more?


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