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Powerful CAI Kit with Donaldson's® PowerCore™ Filter for your Charger

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One of the easiest ways to get more power from your engine is to dump the OE air filter and air intake system and replace them with high-flow aftermarket parts. Aftermarket air intake systems increase airflow to your engine. This is desirable because increased airflow allows your engine to burn more fuel, and more fuel equals more power.

The engineers at Volant designed the Cool Airbox to house a large free-flowing Donaldson's® PowerCore® Filtration Technology air filter. This filter increases engine airflow while also increasing filtration efficiency. It works by directing air into the front of the filter, where it's channeled into its fluted design. The channels are alternately sealed, allowing air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit out an adjacent flute. This allows the air to be filtered in one pass through the filter media with less restriction. Airflow is increased and filtration is improved up to 99.97%! The airbox air intake is located so the air filter can only draw in cooler, ambient air. Access to the air filter for servicing is provided by an attractive polished aluminum or carbon fiber look lid.

Every Volant Cool Air Intake Kit comes complete with everything necessary for installation, including comprehensive installation instructions. All clamps and connectors are made from quality materials. The Silicone connectors provide flexibility while maintaining strength and thermal stability; they won't crack or deform over time like rubber connectors. The marine-grade stainless steel clamps provide a solid seal that won't loosen or deteriorate. It is designed for the Dodge Charger 2014.

Tell us, what do you think about it?
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Hi everyone, just got a late update from the manufacturer!
Volant does not provide official Dyno Results on their Air Intakes – most of the reason is the results change with the weather and the variances in equipment used, which is pretty reasonable.
But they have provided the estimated power increase that was measured during one of their latest tests:

VOLANT® - CAI Kit with Donaldson's® PowerCore™ Filter
2014 Dodge Charger 6.4L 18-20HP – 22-25Ftlbs Torque
2014 Dodge Charger 5.7L. 16-18HP – 20-24Ftlbs Torque

Thank you for your cooperation. I was hoping to see real results. I saw the AEM Brutal Force CAI. They said their intake is Dayno proven. In this case, I guess I'm gonna go with AEM.
Thanks again

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Glad to see this post. I have been looking at the Volant for some time now. I had one installed in my Ram SRT and loved it. What is pricing for the Volant for a 2013 6.4L Charger?
The price of VOLANT® - CAI Kit with Donaldson's® PowerCore™ Filter for 2013 Charger 6.4L is $365.95

Thanks for the video djtuzik, it sounds pretty awesome!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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