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Power Steering Fluid Leak

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I have a 2013 Dodge Charger RT that has a power steering fluid leak. $200 paid to the dealership to investigate the leak and they said the power steering pump needs to be replaced. Their estimate was about $2000 to get it done. I investigated where the leak was coming from afterwards and located the exact location. In the pic, the green fluid shows exactly where the leak is coming from. Does anybody know what that part is called that is connected to the pump where it is leaking, and does this warrant the entire power steering pump to be replaced? Looking for a ram in the bush on this one. Any info would be great! If it’s a simple less expensive fix, that would make my day. …Thanks in advance, fam.
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Thank you guys so much. I’m going with the o ring to see if that works. I’ll update you all today or tomorrow. Hope this is it!
Update: The o-ring was completely gone! ❓ Replaced the missing o-ring and the leak has been fixed. These dealership mechanics are pretty trash. 😑 But YOU GUYS are BRILLIANT! Shout out to everybody that chimed in. Literally saved me THOUSAND$ 💪🏾
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