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Not starting any rumors or anything just telling you what I saw in a magazine.

So im at the local Autozone buying some motor oil for my Grand DAMN (yeah i know), and decided to look at the magazine rack. I pick up, if I can recall the name, MOPAR MUSCLE and I was like "oooh the Challenger." I noticed something different off the get go.

First, the front grill did not have any headlights or a crosshair grill. It was a honeycomb grill all across. Read that the headlights are hidden. Dont know how but thats what I read. The back end resemebled the Challenger's lights EXCEPT, in the middle it would rise towards the top of the hood.

_________ ____________
Challenger: [________] Charger??: [___/----\___]

Tried to draw it to give you an idea what I mean.
It looked really sharp. If my short term memory serves me correctly, it was a 2 door.
Like I said, I do not want to start any rumors, hype, whatever....I just wanted to tell you members what I saw. I wish I bought the magazine, but money is tight for me (saving for my own Charger and started a new job). So if you interested, go to your local AUTOZONE and check to see if they have the magazine I was telling you.
I believe it was MOPAR MUSCLE. Im looking online for pics of it.
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