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please help! green lights?

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hey y'all, my wife surprised me with a 2016 hellcat this week! i love the car, but noticed today green led lights around the headlights.

has anybody seen these? is there a way to change the color to white? (green lights with an orange car reminds me of a pumpkin) i've been through all the menus in uconnect and can't find anyway to change the color.

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Could be Oracle lights, in which case my understanding is that the only option would need to replace the headlights. Could be some light show function the previous owner set with a tazer.

Hopefully one of the others will chime in and confirm or send you in a better direction.
Check the HellCat forum, maybe.

Either way, congratulations on the car and on the wife!

Bonus, YOU can’t see the lights from the drivers seat.
ha! i actually noticed the lights driving past a windowed office building. WAIT, GREEN?!?!?!?!
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That's odd for sure and of questionable legality.
What color is the turn signal, if it's green, it's illegal for public use.
turn signal is yellow. i live in houston, tx. i guess what i'm hearing is i should definitely take it in and have them replaced.
this sticker is on the front windshield. any chance it's related to the lights? anyone know what it is?
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Contact Mod FX in Houston or better yet, take your car to them. They likely did the installation.
contacted modfx and they'll have a look on monday! thanks for the recommendation!
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