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Was hoping one of you expert photoshop users could do something for me, im sure its easy but im terriable with it.

i have been thinking about putting some rally stripes on my car similar to...

but i would like the stripes to go all the way down the front bumber and was wondering if you could possibly photochop some rally stripes in a dark grey/silver and another one with flat black on my car here.

I really appreciate this in advance, just wanna see what the results would be similar to before i go and pull the trigger. oh and if you have any other good color combos feel free to post them as well, as im sure its not to hard to change the color once you have the stripes on the car. BTW the windows are tinted now at 18% if that makes a difference to you.

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dont give up hope, let me see if I can do something for you tonite, if not I will try over the weekend so hang on till monday the latest

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