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Performance resonators?

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Is there a such thing as a performance resonator? Can different resonators do different things for your car? Will different brands give different sounds and performance changes or is a resonator a resonator and stock or aftermarket they're all the same?
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I am super happy with my SLP LM1, and all it has is chamber. Love love love the growl.
Question. I've worked on cars for years as a home mechanic, I'm by no means an expert and most certainly not a modder. Can I get an aftermarket resonator and just replace those on the car without replacing any other piece of exhaust?
Yes you can, but I don't really understand why you would.

I will tell you before everyone else does, try to give a little more info when you post and you will get a better response from everyone.

All the resonators do is absorb and diffuse the vibration (resonance) of a certain frequency that occurs when the engine drops into MDS mode. There arnt any gains to be had by deleting them as far a performance goes.

That being said, I have straight pipes because the "drone" dosnt bother me like it does some people.

I love the throaty raspy growl my car has with straight pipes and it's not as loud as one would expect. I get a great burble coming off throttle, it sounds like a muscle car should.

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Sorry for not being more clear. Guess my wife is right, I don't communicate well. :grin2:

From what I have read it seems to be one of the better ways to get a good sound. And from what I've read it seems just removing the resonators can cause there to not be enough pressure for the engine causing performance issues.

Like I said, not an expert nor a modder.

My car sounds great, at 5000 RPM. But I feel overall its a little lax except for the initial startup. Its my only disappointment with this car. I don't want the neighbors to know I started it up or that I'm 3 miles away on my way home, but I want that V8 burble. My truck with rusted out exhaust sounds better than my Charger....thats a problem for me.
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