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Performance resonators?

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Is there a such thing as a performance resonator? Can different resonators do different things for your car? Will different brands give different sounds and performance changes or is a resonator a resonator and stock or aftermarket they're all the same?
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Question. I've worked on cars for years as a home mechanic, I'm by no means an expert and most certainly not a modder. Can I get an aftermarket resonator and just replace those on the car without replacing any other piece of exhaust?

Yes you can, but I don't really understand why you would.

I will tell you before everyone else does, try to give a little more info when you post and you will get a better response from everyone.

All the resonators do is absorb and diffuse the vibration (resonance) of a certain frequency that occurs when the engine drops into MDS mode. There arnt any gains to be had by deleting them as far a performance goes.

That being said, I have straight pipes because the "drone" dosnt bother me like it does some people.

I love the throaty raspy growl my car has with straight pipes and it's not as loud as one would expect. I get a great burble coming off throttle, it sounds like a muscle car should.

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Hahaha understood buddy, you will need to drop "suitcase muffler" to get any kind of difference in sound.

As far as the performance aspect, the straight exhaust has enough of the scavenging effect to not cause any performance loss. There is enough back pressure to compensate for that.

If you were going to do anything I would suggest deleting the muffler, aka the "brylcreem mod" it will give you the muscle car sound without pissing off the neighbors to much. It's also very cost effective. If you have any questions about it or want to hear a sound clip just look in the forum search or on YouTube.

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