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Pedder's Suspension coming to Oahu

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Hey All interested Chargers, Magnums, Challengers, and 300 drivers...... The president of Pedder's Suspension, Peter Basica is going to try and set up a demo / install on some Hemi'[email protected] at a local willing speed shop sometime in August/September. He is trying to set up a dealer/installer here on Oahu. He is going to fly in himself and supervise the install and training. I have ordered the LX Street Extreme w/ sway bars. He is looking for another install demo vehicle. He wants to try and set up a bar-b-que - test drive, w/ as many guys as he can get. This is legit and have several e-mails and phon cons w/ Peter. Let me know if you or any else would be interested. Check out the web-site, @, if you haven't already....take care, Andy.
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We are very interested in working with you and your fellow officers. We derive a great deal of pleasure from flogging an LX on a track. Assisting First Responders provides a different kind of satisfaction. All of us at Pedders are car guys. We do at work what most people work to do. In many ways it is a privilege to get paid for pursuing your passion. With our First Responder program we get paid to in a way protect those dedicated to protecting and serving. It can't get much better than that.

I appreciate the introduction you made here. Thank You. To get the program started, Pedders will offer free shipping and a 10% discount to all Officers with in-service vehicles on Oahu. I’ll come out to do the installation education with the new Pedders Dealer and hopefully with the assistance of the new shop and the first Officers to sign on we can arrange the first ever Police Professionals Pedders Luau!

Can you post some pictures of your Charger in patrol mode?
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Awesome Pete, Keep everyone informed!!!
The work we do with the LX platform is visually stunning and drives better than it looks. You can see the results here in stills and video.

Cass County Sub-Frame Bushes

Magnum Sub-Frame Bushes

300c and Charger Skid Pad

G8 Skid Pad

HHR SS Skid Pad

GTO Skid Pad

I have included video of other platforms so you can see for yourself what Pedderised means across a wide range of vehicles. Perhaps the wildest is the GMT900 SUV running the autocross. This becomes significant to the LEO community as more departments adopt this platform.

Andy tells me that civilian members of the LX community are interested in participating in the Hawaii Pedders Luau. That's cool with me if it does not conflict with the island LEO community.

FYI, street race, burn out or drive carelessly at your own risk. My guess is more than half of those that attend will be actively employed in law enforcement. ;) :D :biggrinjester:
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Tentative Pedders Day Hawaii is Saturday, August 29
Tentative Pedders Day Hawaii is Saturday, August 29
You can also try Ron's Performance:

345-A N. Nimitz Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 528-2022
Sorry, couldn't get the link to work.........Andy
Hey guys, I'm "tappin out"....worked last night and going to catch some sleep...............let me know what else I can do for you.......either on the threads....(two are getting redundant--------------my fault), or on e-mail...........later, Andy

PS thanx a lot for all the effort.
Pete gets all the great assignments! But seriously, it is off the charts what we can do to the handling of the LX vehicles, not to mention the serious increase in suspension reliabilty

Pedders goes hawaiian august 29th

As the title shows, Pete and possibly myself, will be in Honolulu at still to be determined new dealer for a Pedders Day that is tentitively scheduled for August 29th. We already have 3 Policeman's LXs to do. We will be having our first Pedders Luau. We have to find someone to put a hula skirt on our Pedders bull. LOL

But seriously, we will be in Hawaii. There are lots of LXs, G8s, and GTOs there. This is a great time to meet us, and have us do our famous 28pt inspection FREE!. Find out just how good our bad your ride is now. But most importantly, just how good you can make it.

So just a heads up to all gear heads out there in Hawaii. More to come. We have now 3 shops interested. All of them are referrals.

More to come. Grass skirts will of coarse be optional!

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shop fees

PM me w/ the shop / install fees for the three LX demo vehicles please...............inquiring minds want to know how that will be worked out along w/ th epackage price..........thanks,:bigthumb: Andy
PM me w/ the shop / install fees for the three LX demo vehicles please...............inquiring minds want to know how that will be worked out along w/ th epackage price..........thanks,:bigthumb: Andy
pete now has 3 referrals and is his responsibilty to choose the best. Not sure what the labor rates are in your area. So give us a lttle time

Just got back from Lex's a few minutes ago. Cooper said the head mech / admin guys were just checking w/ their insurance guys. He said Pedder's would be possible, as it is a system / kit type. They don't modify stock suspensions due to liability (understandible). They definitely have the space and numerous bays, w/ lots of equipment. Parking is great. Cooper said it doesn't seem like a problem, and seemed very positive about it all. I told him there are a lot of guys at HPD who have the LX platform and a potential for some good business via Pedder's.

If there is any place else you need me to scope out I will. I leave tommorow for Oregon and get back on the 1st. I will check my e-mail.

You can also try DJ's Motorsports...several locations. Not sure of their equipment, but have a fairly extensive knowledge base of suspension work: They actually have 3 locations, I think....let me know, Andy

45-618 Kamehameha Hwy # A
Kaneohe, HI 96744-2000
(808) 234-6222
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