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Maintenance is either a practical expenditure or an opportunity to drive the vehicle you dream about building. Pedders makes dreams come true with our Summer Suspension Maintenance Specials. Take your LX to another level with Pedders Summer Suspension Maintenance Specials that include PARTS and INSTALLATION!

EP1172 Rear Sub-Frame Bush Parts and Installation Special ONLY $399.99

Pedders has spent almost two years developing more efficient installation processes for the Chrysler LX chassis. The LX chassis is a rather sophisticated complex design with more than 70 rubber bushes. A typical sedan has less than 20. While a full installation still takes many hours, the Critical Bushes and components can now be upgraded in fewer hours using specialized Pedders proprietary tools and process. The four rear sub-frame bushes that through last month required the cradle to be removed from the vehicle can now be upgraded on the vehicle in ONLY three hours with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY to the original owner!

GSR Touring Plus Parts and Installation Special ONLY $1,299.99

While the cradle is being serviced is the ideal time to address the cosmetics and function of ride height. During the Chrysler LX Summer Maintenance Special you can have four Pedders Gas Sports Rider premium dampers, four Sports Ryder coils, the rear OEM sub-frame bushes upgraded to Pedders EP1172 urethane bushes with 640% more control surface, the OEM rubber radius rod bushes replaced with Pedders EP6567 urethane bushes and Pedders EP2113 Bumpsteer Correction Kit for ONLY $1,999.99.

Introducing the Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Touring Plus Parts and Installation Special $1,699.99

Pedders Xa coilovers are 46mm high pressure nitrogen units with 30 position damping. They install with an OEM like fit. Take off the OEM parts and bolt in the new Pedders bit. The fit is perfect. The performance is off the charts. While many coilover units are equipped with very high rate coils, Pedders has found a way to dial in the coil rates with the damping rate to provide the incredible control you would expect from coilovers with a ride so civil you will think it came from the factory. The damper map is exceptionally broad. On full soft, the ride is almost OEM with more control. Dial it up 15 clicks and you are in BMW m series range for both ride and control. Take it up another 15 clicks and your LX is track and R compound tire ready. We spent many months tuning and tweaking the Xa range for the Chrysler LX chassis. We are convinced it shows. Not only will your local Pedders Dealer install the Xa coilovers, EP1172 Sub-Frame Bushes, EP6567 Radius Rod Bushes and Pedders Bumpsteer Correction Kit for ONLY $2,599.99 they will align it too!!!

Requires 25% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT with Xa Delivery in 8 Weeks or less.

No LX Owner Left Behind

Not every LX owner lives within reasonable driving range of a Pedders Dealer. Pedders will leave no LX owner behind. You can order selected Pedders Chrysler LX bits during the Summer Maintenance Special at reduced prices online.

EP1172 Rear Sub-Frame Bush
GSR Touring Plus
Xa Coilover Touring Plus
Xa Coilover Pre-Order --Requires 25% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT with Xa Delivery in 8 Weeks or less.

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LX Sub-Frame Bush Press Operation Video

Cass County LX Video

Sub-Frame Video

Radius Rod Bush Video

Chrysler LX Skid Pad Video

Advertised prices do NOT include Local or State Taxes.
Offer Ends August 1, 2009
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