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Pedder's finally here!!!!

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Hey guys...FINALLY!! I talked to Mike (DMS) of Pedder's USA. It is a go!! Will be a date TBA in January/February. Here is a copy of the thread on the Pedder's Forum......Andy

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Pedders is now in Hawaii!!


We have been working on finding a Pedders dealer in Hawaii, and have finally found the right shop:

Chance Customs
2001-C Kahai Street
Honolulu, HI 96819
Francis Sua
[email protected].

It is planned to send me to Hawaii to supervise a series of installs and to have a Pedders Day. We will be looking for a GTO do to a system there. The Pedders Day, with me there for the mods, are hoping to be sometime in January.

Anyone in Hawaii interested?

A pictorial of a complete Track II system Install: Michael White, Pedders West Coast Manager. 925-215-1308
[email protected][/b]
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Take your LX to Hawaii for a vacation! Poeple take dogs, cats, family. So take your sweet ride!

Hey you LX/LC guys, I will be having a Street II LX package & sway bars installed on my '07 RT Charger. I will be a demo car for all of you to drive, and see for your selves. With any luck Chance Customs will do a GTO and a Camero. Visit and view their site. There is some serious info overload. The best thing I can tell you is go online while you speak w/ Mike (DMS) about specifics. This is NOT an off the shelf one size fits all. It is very specific to your driving needs. He will give you 10% off the online price and work out a deal on the install. Then call up Francis SUA of Chance Customs and place an order. Francis was highly recommended and spoken of at the latest SEMA show in Vegas. We had an install shop (or so we thought) ready to go, but they dropped the ball. Chance Customs is ready and eager to go. Call Francis at 847-2100...super down to earth guy, very humble to have the only Pedder's Dealer in the Islands......It will take place in January (most likely). Mike will come down and do the installs for us to test drive. I think it would be cool to have a Meet and Greet BBQ / cruise to coincide. In addition Pedder's usually does their 28 point inspection to determine the needs of your individual car. Let's get the word out. I am going to let my HPD Officers know, as well as my fellow military LX contacts know. Also any other vehicle platform that Pedder's supports, let their owners know to get in on the ground level of this and get one hell of a introductory deal.....Aloha, Andy
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