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The Pontiac GTO arrived in the USA a solid sport coupe. Many owners wanted more. Raising the bar for handling with a chassis that was a decade old when the car began production is a real challenge and one that Pedders was ready for. We test two GTOs on the skid pad. First is Wretched Motorsports 2005 running a Pedders Xa Track eXtreme with Bridgestone RE11 tires. The second is the Pedders USA Wide-Body GTO Justice with a full Justice Package and Bridgestone Pole Position tires.

Robís GTO has now tested .97 with Bridgestone REO10 and RE11. The limiting factor on Robís GTO is ride height. Due to driving conditions in his area his car sits taller than the optimal setup. That said, a .97 by a GTO is a remarkable accomplishment setting the bar high for the GTO Justice. The Pedders USA, LLC Wide-Body has the same rear track as a Dodge Viper and the front track is actually 2î wider than a Viper. Equipped with every Pedders suspension component including a fast ratio steering rack and a ProCharger on 18x11 rear wheels with Bridgestone Pole Positions 295/30/XL and 18x10 with 275/35 Front. can we get a G?

Wretched Motorsports GTO was tested at the New Jersey Motorsports Park with professional drivers Chris Brannon and Stan Wilson on a fresh asphalt pad. The Wide-Body GTO was tested at a vacant Michigan automotive supplier plant on decades old asphalt with large tar strips, bumps and debris and driven by the President of Pedders USA. The question is ñ can the Pedders GTO reach 1 G on the pad?

Now we present this thread to the G8 community because we are always improving all of our product lines. But to be able to get a 10-15 year old platform that was made for small Opels to turn over 1.0g and to get a G8 to turn 1.05g, we are expecting to have continous improvements and updates with our expanding LX platform, which we have already been able to document the Arrington Engines 300c SRT8 with a TrackII setiup to hit a .99g. We know, with our extreme Xa Coil overs with a Track system, we will be well over 1.0g!.

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