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PCSin to Hawaii 31 Aug 2010

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Hey everyone Im moving to Hawaii really soon, I wondering what the scene like over there as far as having shops to find good parts or Getting work done to our Chargers. I hate to sound stereotypical but I read that its large asian population there so Im guessing its a huge Import scene as well.
Im moving near the Ewa Beach area, and Working at Schofield Barracks. :driving:
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Welcome to the island in advance. Ohhh yeah I know the feeling too. My tranny went bad during the shipping, go figure. Luckily it was under warranty. I couldn't go past 40mph on my way home from picking it up. So this time around I'll go with pasha.
Yeah man, I was stationed here from 04'-07' and now I'm back but out of the military. When I get back from San Diego from shipping my car I'll be back for good. It beats the cold but I do miss it sometimes. I've been wearing shorts the whole time I've been here. I need to find my jeans. I think I lost them. Hahahaha.

Speaking of beaches...we should do a Ko'olina M&G. That would be sick.
I got the tater tot casserole or spicy spaghetti.

*the only 2 things I know how to make other than baked sweets LOL.
If you guys aren't doing anything on the 28th of August I have my youngest's 1st birthday at Geiger Park in Ewa Beach. PM me if you guys are interested. Bring your kids!! We're gonna have a bounce house/slide.

FREE FOOD!!! :banana:
Party goes from 1100-1700. If you all got kids bring em!!
That's cool bro! See you there.
Oh nah, don't worry about it bro. Yeah everyone had a blast, good food and good people. Some old hot rods drove the parking lot and all I could think about was damnnnnnnnn, we really need to do a cruise.
PM me your email Rody and I can email some ideas I photoshopped
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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