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PCSin to Hawaii 31 Aug 2010

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Hey everyone Im moving to Hawaii really soon, I wondering what the scene like over there as far as having shops to find good parts or Getting work done to our Chargers. I hate to sound stereotypical but I read that its large asian population there so Im guessing its a huge Import scene as well.
Im moving near the Ewa Beach area, and Working at Schofield Barracks. :driving:
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No worries....I have had plenty of work done by local guys who specialize in American Muscle.....Shoot me a PM when you get here.....Andy
The Marine Corp brought me here in '89 (yeah, I'm old as dirt---been here ever since Christ was a Corporal)...couldn't leave the warm weather, beaches, lifestyle...and the local girls...but the best part is the car is usually ready and clean!! Just lucky I can use it for work now!!
Actually Sandy Beach or Moanalua Bay in Hawaii Kai are awesome spots.....we could have a "tail gate" bar-b-que...I'll make the chili!!
You guys pick time and date......
Sorry, It's my wife's birthday, also....and I gotta work tonite until plate is full, but thanks for the invite....Andy
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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