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I purchase the s/c and exhaust kit from GSM motorsport, spending about $8000.00 and another $2000.00 to install at a local speed shop. My car was a lease, I had the s/c kit install for about 3000 miles, and the exhaust kit was install for about 6000 mile. all parts are in perfect working condition. I had to sell my car because my girls is having my kid (2 months now). I will need the cash to support my future family. [edited by admin]

I am sell a GSM supercharge (PAXTON) kit for the chrysler 300c with the HEMI. this kit will work on any HEMI power car (Fuel injection).

will work on:

» Magnum 5.7L Hemi
» Magnum SRT 8 Hemi

» 300C 5.7L Hemi
» 300C SRT 8 Hemi

» Charger 5.7L Hemi

» Charger SRT 8 Hemi

NOVI 1200 supercharger pushing 6 PSIG of boost
Supercharger is supplied with engine oil
Easy bolt-on installation
Full step by step instruction’s
Air to water after-cooler
Raptor Blow off valve
Aluminum discharge and intake tubes
Custom Hemi Fuel/ Timing Controller (Tunable via laptop programming)
Fuel controller software package included w/ real time data log
Custom billet auxiliary fuel rail fed by stock fuel rails
All fuel system conversion parts included
All billet aluminum construction on fuel components
50 state legal pending
6lb kit on a stock 6.1L Hemi motor produces:
500 rear wheel hospower & 507 rear wheel torque

Included in the Kit:

NOVI 1200 Head Unit
Full instructions for blower and fuel system install
Air to water after-cooler
Raptor Blow off valve
Setrab heat exchanger
After-cooler water pump and all wiring
All ½” billet supercharger mounting brackets & hardware
Aluminum discharge and intake tubes
Custom Hemi Fuel Controller Box pre tuned for stock hemi
Hemi Fuel Controller Box software
Billet auxiliary fuel rail and throttle body spacer
Stainless braided fuel lines with all fittings to attach to
stock fuel rails
2 Auxiliary fuel injectors
Supercharger oil feed and all fittings
Custom hemi spark plugs made for S/C application included

I am asking $4000 for the complete intercool /supercharge kit. [edited by admin] this kit is used .comes with all instruction and software disc. this kit is PLUG-N-PLAY.

I also have the complete stainless steel exhaust system with Dynatech long tube header X-pipe, muffler with complete 2 1/2 system. system has NO RUST or DENT. look excellent. $1200.00 . I will like to sell both system together for $4400.00.

[edited by admin] ONLY SERIOUS BUYER PLEASE. thank you

contact me at [email protected]. i can provide picture by e-mail contacts . I will be posting picture for my set-up later today.

thank you

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Thank you...if i don`t sell it on this forum i will have to sell it on ebay...:nervous s . I will like to sell it to a forum member because i know you guy have a better understanding of how the system works. anyway first come first serve.

Oh and the kit also comes with two rear GROUND FORCE shock with heavy duty brakets, U-bolt and harrdware.

rearly use supercharger..still like new.

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wondering if you could sell the headers seperately? sent you a PM
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