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Ordered Daytona Charger

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Hey there.
I just ordered a new Daytona Charger 9/5/05. The dealer says he has allocation, but cannot guarantee the car until he has D1 status. Any idea how long this takes. Also, does anyone have any idea how many of these cars (in GoMango) have been made yet?
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mine is 1908/4000 delivered 9-9-05 from special order. So they have got to be over 2000 by now.
Thats about right really. I think DCX has picked-up the pace on production. Mine was ordered on 7-27-05. Build date of 8-27-05. Delivery to dealer 9-9-05. So about 6 weeks. Oh - that was for a Daytona too.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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