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I had installed some Oracle colorshift halos on my srt last winter, and I thought they turned out alright. Near the end of the season, the epoxy and 3m tape let go in some areas, and they didn't look that great anymore. I decided to redo them this year as well as black out the housing to hide scratches and mistakes (like epoxy on chrome) from my first attempt. I didn't think to do a full photo step by step, but I have a before and after of one I just sealed.

I decided this time to take a dremel to my headlights to drill slots for the wires, to hide them better, and to allow the halos to sit flush and relaxed against the headlights, allowing for a better fit. The halos previously didn't fit without being forced to sit flush on the housing before, until the epoxy dried and held them there. I also removed the 3m tape that came on the rings, so that the epoxy stuck to the board instead of epoxying the 3m tape. The tape becomes brittle and breaks off over time, which is what started this whole endeavour.

What else? I painted the exposed wires black to help hide them, and also painted the epoxy, as it turns yellow in the sun. The paint should help keep UV off the epoxy too, prolonging it's life. Lastly I carefully painted the sides of the rings, to gives the LEDs an extra floaty look.

Hopefully they look great when they're back in the car


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