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Hey guys (and gals if there are any)

Ok, well Im on the fence right now about AWD or RWD.
I live in michigan, and this car will definitely be driven in the snow. (I already have a summer toy)

My main concern isnt the cost, or the functionality of the car, or the performance for that matter, since we currently have a Hemi Durango that we love, and has plenty of power for my commuter car.

My main concerns at the moment, are:
1. Gas mileage (how different are the AWD vs RWD really? I dont trust the EPA rating system at all)
2. it seems that most aftermarket parts wont fit the AWD version. I see that springs and wheels are both different, but what else?

any suggestions? or comments to sway me into a RWD? thanks for any help you can offer.
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