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Oil in air fiter

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He guys I'm New I see a lot of helpful tip on here i need a little help I just purchase a 2014. Rt plus with 100 miles on it I now have 6000 miles, today as I change from stock air filter to K&N I notice oil in the bottom of the filter box and the filter is dat normal or should I get it check if I get it check should I put the stock filter back on thanks for any advice
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The issue is that when oil is being added to the engine, some of it is running down the tube that connects to the airbox causing the oil puddle you see.

This is common and usually happens because the correct funnel hasn't been used or oil is just being poured into the filler neck without using a funnel.

If you use a good funnel or disconnect that tube when adding oil to the engine, the issue will go away.

It's very common on the Chrysler Engines due to the design of having the breather tube inlet in the oil fill neck. It has been discussed on the Forum numerous times over the past 9 years.

The simplest answer is to remove the tube from the oil filler neck when adding oil (I always disconnect mine, even with a good funnel). Otherwise, use a funnel that extends at least an inch below where the bottom of the filler neck is....and add the oil S L O W L Y.
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