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Off-topic---info on area

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Hey everyone,
Im moving to hawaii next week and im concerned about areas to live. I had heard things (stay away from this area) about waianae so im trying to see if its true.
From the pics of homes that i see in the area, they are nice and at great prices. What can yall tell me about the island? What would be a great place to stay and not be more than 15 miles from schofield, and still be close to restos, auto part stores, and shopping centers/malls( for the wife)!!
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Mililani is kind of nice. Also Waipio and Kapolei are good options. Kapolei has good shopping.
Thats good to know, but do you have any opinion on Waianae?
wow !!!!!!!!!! 24 views but only one person has some input.. Come on people, is this what i got to look forward to when i get there? ! Yall really letting a fellow down:mad:
Waianae is not what you'd be looking for...It would be a bit of culture shock, and crime is outta control on the is like the wild wild west out there...
Thanks for the info, my wife keeps bringing this location up because of the good rental prices. Ive had previous vehicle broke into, the first week I got to DC because I moved to the wrong area, and I dont want it to happen in Hawaii! So thanks again! :bigthumb:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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